Why does hair grow on my stomach when pregnant?

Being pregnant let you feel some unexpected, precious experiences. There are a lot of pregnancy effects which enrich your knowledge. You might have been hearing that most pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting. They call it morning sickness—apart from the fact that it doesn’t always happen in the morning. You probably also notice that you […]

What Temperature should Bath Water be for a Pregnant Woman?

When you are pregnant, there are a lot of things to consider, even the simplest ones. When pregnant, you are advised not to take certain foods or to take certain exercises. It is reasonable, because those little things you normally do might bring negative effects to your pregnancy, and vice versa. When you are pregnant, […]

What Kind of Cheese can I eat while Pregnant

You may be craving for some cheesy foods, yet are not sure whether it is good for your health. In term of nutrition, cheese is really good for your health. It is enriched with high calcium that is advantageous for your bone structure and strength. It is also loaded with protein and minerals. You should […]

Is it Safe to eat Scallops while Pregnant?

Seafood has been known as nutritious kind of diet. It is enriched with various substances to support your health. Besides, it tastes great and can be easily found. It has been famous kind of menu in either restaurant dinner or a party. It can be easily cooked in considerably short period of time. To elaborate, […]

What is a good age to get your baby’s ears pierced?

Blessed with a baby girl is fascinating. In our society, although debated by some countries and communities, piercing a baby girl’s ears is usual. Some parents think this is the way of differentiating a baby girl from the boy. Some others think this is the way to arise feminine characteristic of a baby girl—by putting […]

My C-section incision leaking and it smells badly

Any kinds of wound, especially the one you’ve got from surgical procedures need to be observed thoroughly after done. The surgical wound, or known as incision can be easily infected if not care properly. Some mothers undergone C-section procedure are advised to observe the incision well and to keep it clean to avoid possible open […]

Is it Safe to eat Oyster when Pregnant?

When you are carrying a baby, what you eat really matters. You need to select carefully what to consume, scan what it contains and whether it is nutritious, and need to see the possible effects toward your pregnancy. Not all of your previous diets will be harmful for your pregnancy, but not all will be […]

Is it OK to eat Sugar while Pregnant

Soon after discovering their pregnancy, most women adopt healthier lifestyle, especially on their diets. Most of them will give up packed foods and instead, start to consume natural foods, or the foods they can process at home themselves. Is sugar really that harmful for your unborn baby, and are you allowed to consume sugar while […]

Is it OK to eat Shrimp while Pregnant?

Having to be wiser when choosing diets during your pregnancy might make scare you of some foods. Seafood have been widely talked about related to pregnancy. One of the most common seafood is shrimps. They are delicious and are often served on special occasions, such as cocktail party, wedding event, or birthdays. When you are […]

How to prevent Stretch Marks during Pregnancy Naturally?

You might be surprise for seeing some whitish lines on your belly during pregnancy. It can drop your confidence and cause uneasiness. Most women are proud of their growing belly, but not the stretch marks on it. You might think about how your belly will look like after you give birth if those marks are […]