Can I still Breastfeed with Inverted Nipples?

Most new-moms wish to be able to breastfeed their newborns, as a lot of benefits from it have been encountered. However, there are several issues which might put you in doubt to be able to breastfeed, one of which is if you have inverted nipples. What is Inverted Nipples and what causes them? A nipple […]

How to Make Sure my Breast Milk does not dry up

Right after baby delivery, new mothers are heading up to another challenging phase; breast-feeding. Why is breast-feeding important? What problems mother may encounter regarding breast-feeding? How do mothers make sure their milk does not dry up? Why Breast-feeding is Important? Breast feeding holds important roles to both mother and baby. For newborn babies, all the […]

How Long will my Nipples be Sore from Breastfeeding

Breast-feeding is a personal moment which strengthens the bonding between mother and baby. Yet, this beautiful moment can be ruined because of pains mother might feel to those nipples. Although it is normal to have sore nipples during the early stage, mothers should pay the attention to the level of pain, since there are several […]